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Case Studies

Vex was chosen by cybersecurity experts providing vulnerability scanning services because of its high quality and usability.


Information security consulting

The adopted service

Web application vulnerability scanner Vex

Introduction of company

In 1997, GAB Consulting Co., Ltd., a group company of Business Brain Showa Ota, Inc., started providing Tiger Team Service (penetration testing /cyber-attack simulation), and Global Security Experts Co., Ltd. (GSX) was newly established in 2000 as a consulting company specializing in information security. Since its establishment, GSX has been providing security policy formulation and support for deployment, system audits, and internal control support. Also, Tiger Team Service has been providing high quality vulnerability scanning and consulting services. As an expert in information security, GSX is constantly acquiring cutting edge technologies to help clients strengthen their information management systems while developing effective social infrastructure to counter high-tech crimes and cyber-terrorism.


Corporate Planning Division, Sales Division

Shiro Aoyagi


Cyber Security Division
Tiger Team Service Division

Yoshiki Noguchi

* Department, title, etc. are those at the time of the interview.


  • White-hat hacker’s vulnerability scanning was too costly for many companies.
  • Reports generated by foreign tools needed translation into Japanese.
  • Service release was delayed due to lack of security vendor resources.


  • Compared to other tools, Vex stands out for its minimal detection of false positives. The company no longer has to spend a lot of time and money verifying scan results.
  • Vex, a domestic tool, has good usability in view of the UI design familiar to the Japanese so it has succeeded in reducing the workload of engineers.
  • The company enabled clients to perform a certain level of scanning on their own, rather than relying solely on security vendors, thus strengthening their security management system.


Information security consulting