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Combining manual scan with Vex increased efficiency, allowing engineers to focus on high value-added services.

NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd.

Information security consulting

The adopted service

Web application vulnerability scanner Vex

Introduction of company

The predecessor business unit of NRI Secure Technologies was launched in 1995 as the first in-house venture project of Nomura Research Institute (NRI). The current NRI Secure Technologies was established in 2000 as a cybersecurity expert company, consisting of security specialists. To facilitate a smooth information security management cycle, the company provides one-stop security solutions to more than 200 customers, ranging from consulting, solution deployment, training, operations, and auditing. Most of these are leading companies in all industries, including financial institutions, distribution, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, mass media, government, and local government.


Cyber Security Services Development Department
Security Consultant

Hiromichi Negishi


Cyber Security Services Department Ⅰ
Security Consultant

Masataka Miyoshi


Cyber Security Services Department Ⅰ
General Manager

Hirofumi Oka

* Department, title, etc. are those at the time of the interview.


  • To discover parameter tampering vulnerabilities, a certain action needed to be performed again and again in the entire application.
  • In cases of foreign vendors' tools, communication with the vendors was not smooth; it often took days to get a response from the vendor when inquiring, and in many cases, was hard to obtain an appropriate response.


  • Vex has highly increased efficiency due to its ability to scan for parameter tampering vulnerabilities with the same level of accuracy as manual scans.
  • UBsecure quickly responds to inquiries, and always gives reliable answers. This helps engineers work more efficiently and grows the company's trust among the clients.

NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd.

Information security consulting