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Vex increased security awareness among developers, empowering them to develop higher-quality applications.

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The adopted service

Web application vulnerability scanner Vex

Introduction of company

For 30 years since its establishment in 1983, OGIS-RI has been providing IT solutions and consulting services to various leading companies, including Osaka Gas, its parent company. As a pioneer in Object-Oriented Development and UML (Unified Modeling Language), the company offers system development, as well as education, consulting, infrastructure construction, data centers, cloud services, EC/EDI, BPO, and other systems to meet all client needs. The company has been actively adopting new development approaches such as open-source and agile development under the keyword of "Centennial Architecture" aiming at the long-term sustainability of systems that support rapidly changing businesses.

Energy System Solution DepartmentⅠin Solution Development Division is cross-sectionally involved in the development of various applications in the areas of Java frameworks, middleware, various common functions, and development standards.


Solution Development Division
Energy System Solution Department Ⅰ

Kotaro Okuma


Solution Development Division
Energy System Solution Department Ⅰ
Technical Service Team Manager

Hiromi Kataoka


Solution Development Division
Energy System Solution Department Ⅰ
Technical Service Team

Hiroshi Takigawa

* Department, title, etc. are those at the time of the interview.


  • Lack of reliability regarding the outcome since the scan items were unable to be customized in detail.
  • Purchasing a license to scan multiple servers was not possible due to the high price.
  • In the case of foreign tools, reports needed to be modified before submitting to clients since English was partially mixed even if Japanese patches were applied.
  • Manual scans by developers resulted in inconsistent quality of assessment across the department since scan results varied depending on individual skills.


  • The reliability of scan results has been highly increased due to the ability to customize the parameters of scan items, giving developers more confidence in the results.
  • Vex enables them to scan multiple servers seamlessly.
  • Vex's extensive report options allows them to submit reports to clients without additional work for modifying them.
  • They are now able to objectively prove to clients that "this result will be obtained no matter who does the test" based on the proper standards.

OGIS-RI Co.,Ltd.