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Case Studies

Independent ICT solution vendor with a group of 10,000 engineers chose Vex. The quality of security across the company has been improved through the in-house security operation support service and the establishment of security rules.


System Development

The adopted service

Web application vulnerability scanner Vex

Introduction of company

With 10,000 engineers in the group, FUJISOFT, has a high reputation for its high technology and solution capabilities. The company has been providing solutions for security measures and addressing vulnerabilities in accordance with the client and project requirements. Furthermore, the company decided to develop company-wide standardized rules for secure development and vulnerability scanning to counter the recent increase in cyber-attacks involving information leaks and system breakdowns. Security Engineering Department (currently the Security Management Department of Technology Administration Supervision Department) was established to strengthen company-wide cybersecurity. Vex was selected as the core tool for conducting security operations based on the rules. The vulnerability scanning using Vex became mandatory, which has raised the security level across the company, including internal systems, and increased the ability to offer better solutions to clients.


Technology Administration Supervision Department
Security Management Department
General Manager

Tsuyufumi Watanabe


Technology Administration Supervision Department
Security Management Department
Security Technology Promotion Section

Kazuki Mitobe

* Department, title, etc. are those at the time of the interview.


  • Security levels across the company were uneven since required levels and specifications differ depending on the project.
  • Vulnerability scanning used to be outsourced to a security vendor or conducted in-house by project members, causing cost and technical concerns.


  • The quality of system development has been improved since vulnerability scanning is now mandatory and can be performed at an appropriate cost and skill level.
  • They established vulnerability scanning rules, which has increased security across the company and strengthened the consulting capabilities to clients.
  • The reports are in Japanese and of high quality, helping developers improve their technical skills and cutting the time spent preparing reports.


System Development