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Case Studies

Focusing on cost and efficiency, Vex was deployed as a Fujitsu Group certified tool for the entire group.

Fujitsu Japan Limited

ICT services

The adopted service

Web application vulnerability scanner Vex

Introduction of company

Fujitsu Japan provides various services in the ICT field, as well as a total solution business that supports these services through the development, manufacture, sales, and maintenance of cutting-edge, high-performance, and high-quality products and electronic devices.
Cloud Business Division Security Technology Center is involved in the entire operations to protect the security of system integration and services provided by Fujitsu Group through both management and technical perspectives. Specifically, the center is responsible for security policy formulation, security measures planning, auditing, security status monitoring, and vulnerability assessment.

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Cloud Business Division Security Technology Center
Senior manager

Yasushi Yamamoto


Cloud Business Division Security Technology Center

Kouji Tochimura


Cloud Business Division Security Technology Center

Mineaki Tomiya

* Department, title, etc. are those at the time of the interview.


  • The engineers had to perform manual scans for vulnerabilities undetected by auto-tools. This was time-consuming and intensive work for the engineers.
  • Manual scans were highly dependent on the technical skills of the engineers, thus causing the uneven quality in scan results.


  • Since Vex was easily operated even by engineers who are not cyber security specialists, they were allowed to automate some of the manual work. It did not only reduce the workload but improved the consistency in the quality of assessment.
  • The accuracy of assessment has increased.
  • The quality of vulnerability assessment has been further standardized through the establishment of internal rules for Vex operation.

Fujitsu Japan Limited