※Sources:Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc
“2022 NW Security Business Survey Overview” (Web Application Vulnerability Inspection Tool: FY2021 Results)

Recognized by majority of security venders for high detection rateRecognized by major security vendors for high detection rate

Vex has been developed by the engineers with rich understanding of vulnerability testing and the scenario creation methods for accurately detecting vulnerabilities.

The technical know-how has been reflected and accumulated from our testing service.

High detection rate has been achieved across all the website types and scales.

Update is soon released once a critical vulnerability is reported.

Recognized by majority of security venders for high detection rate

Vex is developed by engineer with knowledge of vulnerability tests, and also appropriate methods of creating scenarios to detect vulnerabilities correctly.

The know-how is reflected from our testing service.

High detection rate is achieved for any web-sites and scale. We release updates soon as critical vulnerability is reported.

Clear and accessible reports for according to purpose.Clear and accessible report suitable for multi purposes

Report templates have multiple styles to support various purposes such as checklists for developers, executive summaries for managers, and detailed reports for security vendors.

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Many formats ready to suit any purpose. For example, checklists for developers, summarized report for web site owners, detailed report for security vendors.

Customer support setup to relieve even after introduction.Customer support to help and improve your activity after introduction

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Contact Us

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Software Updates

Software Updates

  • Regular update scheduled every three months.
  • Improvement of existing feature, Addition of new feature, updates for scanning patterns.
  • p. Irregular updates to work through critical vulnerabilities.
Training of Vex

Training of Vex

Provides hands-on training and e-learning contents for making the most of Vex.


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